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CTS Thermfresh is the world leader in establishing the effect of ultra high humidities on weight loss and extended shelf life. It involves a new approach of seeling a total customized solution to a customer's problem.

Through its research over more than a decade, CTS Thermfresh has achieved astounding gains in storage life and reductions in weight loss. Its approach is uncompromising.

CTS Thermfresh systems are the most innovative and effective approach to ultra high humidity fast cooling and storage of fresh produce.

Every one of its cooling systems is custom designed and built to each application. Design takes into account such factors as produce type, whether stored packed or unpacked, the physical characteristics of the storage area and climatic conditions.

CTS Thermfresh systems can be designed to suit almost all types of produce, every size of operation and a wide variety of cooling, ripening and storage needs.

All units are designed around a unique patented heat exchange unit which makes them ultra efficient in the quick cooling and storage of:
  • Vegetables
  • Floral
  • Fruit
  • Meat
Tropical fruits have especially benefited from CTS Thermfresh systems. Each system is engineered to meet the individual requirements of each project:
  1. Pressure Cooling
  2. Pressure Cooling and Storage Combined
  3. Storage for Short Term or Long Term
CTS Thermfresh air handlers are specifically designed to achieve and maintain the ultra high humidity environments that enable superior storage and ripening of produce, without the problem of free moisture being formed.

The key benefit of CTS Thermfresh systems over other systems includes:

  1. Precise Control
  2. Outstanding Operating Efficiency
  3. Superior Quality
  4. Flexibility of Operation
  5. Cost Savings (on reduced weight loss, extended post harvest life and siimplicity of storage)
Contact CTS Thermfresh now for a customized solution of your vegetable/fruit storage needs.


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